Egg Curry Recipe | How to Prepare the No.1 Indian #egggravy

Egg curry or as we call it – Anda curry. We love every bit of this native Egg gravy in the Indian subcontinent. The methods and ingredients vary from region to region and the authenticity is also limited to a family nucleus. However, with all its variations, we just love the dish.

Egg Curry Recipe Grubvineweb

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Most people use Chicken Eggs, however, some use Duck Eggs. We cooked with Chicken Eggs. Please find the written description below and even below that is the step by step guide of how to make Egg curry. If you wish to see Egg curry recipe in Hindi, with English subtitles please jump to our Egg curry recipe video here.

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Egg Curry Recipe Grubvineweb

Egg Curry Recipe | #egggravy

Our Egg curry is a dish from the subcontinent. The details vary from region to region and somehow the authenticity is also limited to a family nucleus. Mostly cooked with Chicken Eggs, however this can also be cooked using Duck Eggs.
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Prep Time 40 mins
Cook Time 45 mins
Total Time 1 hr 25 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Indian
Servings 2 persons
Calories 288 kcal


  • 4 Eggs (Ande)
  • 2 Medium Sized Onions (Pyaaz)
  • 1 Medium sized Tomato (Tamatar)
  • 8 cloves of Garlic (Lehsun
  • 1 inch Ginger (Adrak)
  • 1 small bark of Cinnamon Stick (Dalchini)
  • 2 Cloves (Long)
  • 2 Green cardamoms (Choti Elaichi)
  • 2 Bay Leaves (Tez patta)
  • 1 teaspoon Turmeric powder (Haldi powder)
  • 2 teaspoons Red Chili Powder (Lal Mirch powder)
  • 1 teaspoon Cumin Powder (Jeera powder)
  • ½ teaspoon Coriander Powder (Dhania powder)
  • 1 Cup Hot Water (Garam Paani)
  • Mustard Oil As per requirement (Sarson ka tel)
  • Salt as per taste (Namak)



  • Boil 4 Eggs, De shell the eggs & prick the Eggs with a fork or toothpick on all sides
  • Put the eggs in a bowl, add ½ teaspoon Turmeric powder, ½ teaspoon Red Chili powder, salt as per taste (we used ½ teaspoon), 1 teaspoon Mustard oil & marinate the eggs with bare hands. Keep it aside for later
  • Place a small bowl, add ¼ cup drinking water, ½ teaspoon Turmeric powder, ½ teaspoon Red Chili powder, ½ teaspoon Coriander powder, 1 teaspoon Cumin powder & mix together with a spoon to a consistent solution. Keep it aside for later
  • Chop 2 Onions, 2 Tomatoes & 1 inch Ginger separately
  • In a grinder jar, add about ¾ quantity of the chopped Onion, 8 – 10 Garlic cloves, chopped Ginger & grind down to a paste
  • Crush 2 Cloves, 3 Green Cardamom & 1 small bark of Cinnamon in a Mortar & Pestle
  • In a grinder jar add the chopped Tomatoes & grind down to a paste
  • Place a frying pan & turn on the gas. Add adequate amount of Mustard oil to sauté the eggs
  • Sauté the marinated eggs over medium flame till the outer side of the eggs turns crusty. Once done, keep them aside for later


  • Place a kadai (wok) & turn on the gas
  • Add Mustard oil & let it heat up. Add 2 Bay leaves, the crushed Cloves, Green Cardamom, Cinnamon & mix together
  • Add the remaining (¼) chopped Onion, the Onion-Ginger-Garlic paste & mix together to cook for 8 to 10 minutes
  • After 8 to 10 minutes, the mixture would appear light brown. At this point, add the tomato paste & salt as per taste & mix well to cook for another 8 – 10 minutes
  • After 8 to 10 minutes, add the spice mixture solution we made in a small bowl & blend together. Cover the kadai (wok) with a lid & let it cook for another 5 to 8 minutes
  • After 5 to 8 minutes, stir the mixture a little & add the “boiled & fried” eggs. Coat the eggs with the mixture & add one cup hot water.
  • Cover the kadai (wok) & let it cook for the last time for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes the Egg curry should be ready.
  • Can be garnished with Coriander leaves and Egg curry should be ready for serving




Please note: The flame of the gas was set to low-medium throughout the making of this recipe unless we have indicated otherwise in the instructions. We normally cook at this level and hence our food gets cooked much slower than others. However, we believe – the best taste culminating from all the rich ingredients can only be enjoyed if cooked slowly. 
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About Egg curry

Egg curry is a tasty & spicy Indian curry and is not meant for you if you don’t like spicy food. If you wish to try Indian food for the first time – this is a very simple starting point. The active ingredients are available at most grocery stores around the world and it take very little time to make. It features extremely common spices like cumin, coriander, turmeric powder, etc. Egg curry is a tasty & spicy Indian curry and is not meant for you if you don’t like spicy food. Ginger, Garlic, Chilies and other powdered spices lend a fiery taste and an even fierier look.

Egg Curry generic

Egg curry is one of the most popular dishes you find across the diversity of cultures in India. Almost half the population of India is vegetarian. Meat & Sea-food might be a no-no for them but, a significant section of the vegetarian population consume Egg. Some call them Eggetarians. In our view, we can classify people in thousands of different ways but food is meant to bring people together rather than dividing us. So we stay away from Nomenclature. Egg curry serves as a great alternative if you get bored by switching between Lentils, Vegetables & Meat dishes. Its sits beautifully in your lunch or supper menu when coupled with Indian flatbread or Rice.

Egg curry nowadays is the best curry option for eggetarians. However back in the day, it used to be considered an easy meal in most households. You seldom run out of eggs in the refrigerator and gravy for your flatbread or rice is always in demand. It is simpler to cook as compared to most Non-veg dishes as well as some specialty vegetarian dishes.

In addition to home-cooked recipes, value has been added to this recipe by roadside Dhaba and street eateries in cities like Mumbai and Kolkata. The recipes vary from place to place but the idea of having a curry around eggs makes for an excellent changeup in weekly menus for lunch/supper. See the card below for – how to prepare egg curry.

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  3. Hi, Thanks for sharing this recipe. Egg curry is my husband’s favorite dish. The recipe you shared looks so perfect. Will try it out soon.

  4. 5 stars
    Hi, I really loved your recipe, it seems to be pretty interesting dish with added goodness of Spices and herbs.
    I’m using an ORCO organic Red Chilli Powder, which gives my dish the rich taste and natural color.

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